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Friday, 14 May 2010

More interesting people we meet on our travels

Carolee Crafts - Caroline Nash

Who are you and what is the name of your business
  My name is Caroline Nash and I run a home based business called Carolee Crafts 

  What products and items do you make?
  Tote Bags. Aprons, Cushions and many more household items using applique, patchwork  and quilting 
How long have you been in business and how did it come about?
  This time since 2003, started by making gifts and cards for family and firends and with    encouragement started the business to sell my creations 
What makes your products really stand out?
  Attention to detail, adding printed designs to items such as tote bag
 Do you have a website – Face Book Fans page – Blog or Twitter ?
 Where else do you sell your products?
  Craft Fairs, Party Plan
 What do you enjoy the most about your business?
  Working with fabric, lace, buttons and trims to produce and item that someone else will love 
 What do you enjoy the least?
  Not much really, enjoy most aspects of my business, perhaps marketing as not good at selling myself.
 What was the last project you finished?
  Apron and pot holder sets, in white main fabric with fruit pockets and trim
 Any claims to fame, business related or otherwise?
Unfortunately no          
Any plans for this year business related or otherwise?
·            To set up the Party Plan side properly, taking samples of my work, catalogue and order forms similar to the old tupperware style, rather than sell like a fair
·         Can you give one piece of advice for anyone starting up in business?
·            Be prepared for hard work, it does not happen over night, be passionate about what you do, if you have no passion you can never follow your dream. Listen to advice but ignore negativity, be in charge of your own destiny.
·         11) Anything you wish to add...
Thank you Jane for this opportunity to promote my business

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