This weeks events

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Where to find us over Easter have a great day out

Friday 2nd April The Grange Asfordby Melton Mowbray

Saturday 3rd April Kimberely Farmers Market

Saturday 3rd April Wollaton Farmers Market
Wollaton Co–operative Store, Trowell Road

Sunday 4th April  and Monday 5th April

Easter Art and Craft Fair, Sywell Northampton

Foxton Locks Easter Fair  SatNav LE167RA

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Interesting people we meet on our travels - Today it is Ruth Wakeling - Bouverie Lodge Farm

As many of you will know we regularly stand at many Farmers Markets and Craft Fairs.

On our travels we meet some really talented and inspirational people and businesses - one such person is Ruth Wakeling at Bouverie Lodge Farm - read more about her and her business

    Who are you and what is the name of your business

    Answer.  Ruth Wakleing – Bouverie Lodge Bison Farm

                What products and items do you make?

    Answer.  Bison  Meat; Venison Meat  also Bison and Deer Skins

   How long have you been in business and how did it come about?

  Answer.  I been farming these animals for about 12 years – (must have  been drunk) started because fed up with bureaucracy  in normal farming – but now find ourselves tied in even more with these animals.

            What makes your products really stand out?

Answer.  Something different – the lowest fat, lowest cholesterol meat you buy.  Even lower than fish or chicken!

            Do you have a website – 

 Where else do you sell your products?
Answer.Farm Shop, Farmers Markets, On line

 What do you enjoy the most about your business?
 Answer. Turning it into a profit !

What do you enjoy the least?
Answer. Hard work – standing on the Farmers Markets with the rain pouring down, the wind blowing a gale a nd no customers because of it!

Any claims to fame, business related or otherwise?
Answer.Because of the nature of the product, we are often in the media in many guises.  
I also organise the Melton Mowbray Victorian Christmas Fayre 
( in my spare time – LOL ! )
Any plans for this year business related or otherwise?
Answer.  Just to try and increase business       

Can you give one piece of advice for anyone starting up in business?
Answer.  Think very hard, do all your costings, don’t forget to pay yourself, your time is as valuable as anyone else's.  
Create a good business plan.

 Anything you wish to add...
 Answer. Important to look the part, tidy and neat.  
Have good banners, signage, and fliers to tell people what you are about.  

Monday, 22 March 2010

Soap Making Courses - Leicester - East Midlands - UK April 11th 2010 to cancellation there are now 2 places left on this course.

Book early for a really enjoyable and informative day out.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Look what's new at Just Soaps

A new range of organic shower gels, body lotions, shampoos and conditioners

Please our web site for more details

Sunday, 14 March 2010

See us at the following Craft Events over Easter

As well as our regular Farmers Markets, we can also be found at many craft events throughout the East Midlands

Good Friday -  the Grange garden centre - Asfordby Hill, Melton Mowbray

Easter Sunday & Monday - Sywell Northampton -

  Easter Sunday & Monday Foxton Locks Easter Craft fair LE16 7RA

Please come and say "Hi" if you are in the area

Friday, 12 March 2010

Soap Making Courses - Leicester - East Midlands- UK- April 11th & 6th June 2010

Learn to make natural, glycerine rich, handmade soaps in your kitchen using plant oils, herbs, natural exfoliants and essential oils.

Most of the soaps you buy in the high street are, in fact not soap at all, they are synthetic detergent (syndet) bars which are made up of numerous chemicals. In a handmade soap bar the moisturising glycerine that is a natural bi-product of the process is left in the soap to soften your skin, in mass-produced bars this valuable ingredient is extracted and sold separately. By the end of the course you will understand the benefits of using a variety of plant oils and you will be able to formulate a recipe that is perfect for your skin.

Our courses are very hands on - we divide people into groups of four or five and each group has a soap making station with its own equipment. Each station is expertly supervised but You make the soap not us! The course is perfect for complete beginners and also for those who want to master some new techniques.

You will learn to make bar soaps with a range of ingredients including goats milk and we will teach you specialist techniques so that you can swirl and layer colours in your soaps. We also run a colouring play session where you can experiment with natural colourants. 

Please see our website for more details

Monday, 8 March 2010

Soap Making Class - March 2010

What a fantastic group of ladies on our March Soap Making Class