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Friday, 12 March 2010

Soap Making Courses - Leicester - East Midlands- UK- April 11th & 6th June 2010

Learn to make natural, glycerine rich, handmade soaps in your kitchen using plant oils, herbs, natural exfoliants and essential oils.

Most of the soaps you buy in the high street are, in fact not soap at all, they are synthetic detergent (syndet) bars which are made up of numerous chemicals. In a handmade soap bar the moisturising glycerine that is a natural bi-product of the process is left in the soap to soften your skin, in mass-produced bars this valuable ingredient is extracted and sold separately. By the end of the course you will understand the benefits of using a variety of plant oils and you will be able to formulate a recipe that is perfect for your skin.

Our courses are very hands on - we divide people into groups of four or five and each group has a soap making station with its own equipment. Each station is expertly supervised but You make the soap not us! The course is perfect for complete beginners and also for those who want to master some new techniques.

You will learn to make bar soaps with a range of ingredients including goats milk and we will teach you specialist techniques so that you can swirl and layer colours in your soaps. We also run a colouring play session where you can experiment with natural colourants. 

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